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Application Performance Management

Bridge observability and automated resource management

Business automation

Deliver intelligent automation solutions quickly with low-code

Cloud Cost Management

Optimize performance at the lowest cost and align business value

Decision Management

Model, manage and automate repeatable business processes.

DevOps Automation

Automate your software delivery process Enterprise content management


Connect applications and systems to unlock critical data

Workflow Automation

Increase productivity by streamlining processes and tasks


Data & AI

Optimize your data strategy to support data-driven decisions
Data Lake

Enhance Data Strategy for Informed Choices: Maximize Data-Driven Insights

Data Warehouse

optimized for data from disparate sources


Unlock Complex Solutions with Cutting-Edge Optimization Technology for Exceptional Results



Optimize your data strategy to support data-driven decisions

Unlocking Data Insights: Your Path to Smart Decision-Making

Energy & Utilities

Prepare Your Business for the Future of Clean Energy.


Support citizens with greater speed and confidence.


Revamp Old-School Manufacturing with Digital Innovation.



Great Infrastructure Services with complete data protection
Backup & Recovery

Flawless data resilience for physical and virtual servers

Hybrid Cloud

Use a common platform across cloud, on-prem and edge environments to streamline operations, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation.

IT Modernization

Embrace Digital Transformation with Bold Containerized Solutions.



Enterprise cybersecurity for today's hybrid cloud environments
Cloud Security

Data protection and compliance in hybrid cloud environments


Boost Trust with Cloud Security for Data Protection and Compliance

Security Automation

Bridge the gap between data privacy and operational complexity with our integrated solution..

Zero Trust

Mitigate Cyber Risk in a Disconnected Environment with Context-Aware Security.



Embed sustainability into your business transformation
Asset Management

Streamline Data Harmony for Effortless Collaboration

Supply Chain

Boost Supply Chain Resilience with Smart Automation


Cloud Solutions

Providing services with AWS Cloud Solutions
AWS Cloud
Cloud Image

Empowering Seamless Integration Your Trusted AWS Cloud Partner

New Cloud Solutions

Elevate Your Cloud Strategy with Captiv's AWS Solutions

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Transforming Operations with Innovative Cloud Solutions

Enhance your operational efficiency with state-of-the-art cloud solutions designed for government agencies. Our specialized approach leverages innovative and scalable cloud technologies to streamline public sector operations. By fostering collaboration, we bolster nonprofit organizations, healthcare, education, and government services, driving innovation and maximizing efficiency. Our tailored solutions ensure safety and effectiveness, customizable to meet diverse requirements, supported by extensive industry-specific and global expertise. Trust us to deliver revolutionary digital experiences that contribute to cohesive community development.


Disaster Recovery Solutions

we specialize in ensuring uninterrupted government operations through innovative cloud-based continuity solutions. Partnering with AWS, we secure data and services during crises and emergencies, enhancing resilience and safeguarding critical operations.

Data Analytics for Public Safety

Empower your public safety initiatives with advanced data analytics solutions powered by AWS. Harnessing real-time data processing capabilities, we enable informed decision-making for emergency responses, crime prevention, and overall public safety measures.

Smart City Initiatives

Utilize cutting-edge smart city solutions driven by AWS IoT services to propel the expansion of your city. Our expertise lies in creating and carrying out initiatives that enhance traffic management, energy efficiency, and urban management, promoting sustainable and thoughtful urban growth.

Digital Citizen Services

Revolutionize public services with our AWS-powered digital platforms, enhancing efficiency, accessibility, and citizen engagement. We specialize in transforming government operations to deliver streamlined processes and responsive services that meet the evolving needs of the public.

Patient Data Management

Securely store and manage patient records using AWS HealthLake, improving healthcare delivery, data accessibility, and patient care coordination across medical facilities.

Telemedicine Platforms

Deploy scalable telemedicine solutions on AWS, expanding healthcare access, facilitating remote consultations, and improving patient engagement and healthcare outcomes.

Genomic Research

Utilize AWS for processing large-scale genomic data, accelerating research, enabling personalized medicine, and supporting advancements in medical science and treatments.

Predictive Healthcare Analytics

Implement AWS machine learning to analyze health data, predict trends, and improve patient outcomes through proactive and preventive healthcare measures.



Superior Cloud Infrastructure:

Advanced cloud solutions are pivotal in driving efficiency and enabling seamless digital transformation across various sectors such as government, healthcare, and education. These solutions, facilitated by industry leaders, enhance operational effectiveness and support robust growth in critical industries.


Top-notch Security and Compliance:

Leverage AWS’s state-of-the-art security features and stringent compliance standards to safeguard your data and applications, ensuring they meet industry regulations seamlessly. These advanced capabilities provide robust protection, enhancing trust and reliability across sectors.


Innovative Scalability:

Harness AWS’s expansive cloud resources paired with Captiv’s customized solutions to foster innovation, reduce expenses, and achieve sustainable growth in various industries.


Accelerating Mobile Magic:

Unlocking Advanced Capabilities: AWS Amplify Alchemy Explained

We emerge as a leader in innovation, leveraging the exceptional capabilities of AWS to drive business success. Through "AWS Amplify Alchemy," our expertise in mobile development achieves new milestones, cutting development timelines by an astonishing 50%. This allows us to rapidly turn ideas into captivating applications, ensuring speed and excellence at every stage.

Skyrocketing Web Wonders:

Unlocking Efficiency: AWS CloudFormation Chronicle

Simultaneously, "AWS Elastic Elevation" transforms the deployment of web and desktop applications, reducing deployment time by an impressive 45%. This innovation ushers in a new era of online efficiency and agility, ensuring faster and more reliable application launches.

Cloud-Driven Infrastructure:

Unlocking Efficiency: AWS CloudFormation Chronicle

In the fast-paced world of IT infrastructure, agility and efficiency are paramount. With "AWS CloudFormation Chronicle," Captiv revolutionizes infrastructure setups, achieving a remarkable 60% reduction in setup time. This empowers organizations to swiftly adapt to evolving business demands and fully embrace the transformative potential of cloud-based architectures.

Data Dynamo:

Revolutionize Data Management with AWS Redshift

The adoption of AWS Redshift Revolution marks a significant leap in data analytics capabilities. With query processing speeds up to ten times faster, organizations can swiftly derive actionable insights, driving data-driven decision-making and enhancing operational agility.

Navigating Networks:

Streamline Connectivity with AWS Direct Connect

In the interconnected world of modern business, network connectivity is crucial. AWS Direct Connect Delight by Captiv optimizes network performance, reducing latency by an impressive 30% and boosting bandwidth efficiency. This improvement facilitates seamless communication and collaboration across organizational networks, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced productivity.

Mind Meets Machine:

Optimize AI with AWS SageMaker Symphony

In the evolving landscape of human intelligence and machine learning, AWS SageMaker Symphony accelerates model deployment speeds by an impressive 40%. This advancement unlocks valuable insights and predictive capabilities, empowering strategic decision-making and fostering innovation across diverse industries.

Chain of Confidence:

Enhance IT Infrastructure with AWS CloudFormation Chronicle

The ever-evolving world of IT infrastructure, the need for agility and efficiency is paramount. AWS CloudFormation Chronicle redefines infrastructure deployment, cutting down setup timelines by an astounding 60%. This transformative capability enables organizations to rapidly respond to dynamic business demands and harness the extensive possibilities offered by cloud-based architectures.

Case Studies


Transform Public Services

By migrating to AWS cloud, your agency can revolutionize data handling, ensuring real-time access, improved security, and operational efficiency, ultimately enhancing citizen services.


Elevate Healthcare Efficiency

Implement advanced application performance management systems to streamline patient data handling, minimize system downtimes, and enhance overall healthcare delivery, improving patient outcomes.


Empower Education Digitally

Develop a scalable, cloud-based online learning platform to boost student engagement and access to educational resources, ensuring continuous, flexible learning environments.

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